The facts about aireloom mattresses


Aireloom mattress is one of the most luxurious types of mattress. They are made with superior quality material. There are mainly three tenets of these mattresses. The mattress is also available handcrafted by the artisans.

Your sleeping pattern largely depends on the place where you are sleeping and the condition in which you are sleeping. The mattress, the bed, altogether can make your day on bed heaven or hell. One of the most popular innovations in the recent times in the mattress industry is the aireloom mattress. There are many types of mattresses and aireloom is particularly becoming a rage these days for the designs and the technology used for making them.


What is aireloom mattress?

They are thicker, softer and spongier compared to the usual mattresses which are available and the bouncy feel of the mattress is the source from which the name of the mattress is being derived. The technology of such mattresses was founded in the 1940 and it was slowly developed. Today it is one of the best mattresses that are available in the market.

Types of the aireloom mattress

There are mainly three types of the aireloom mattresses. They are namely California design, patented aireloom lift, and lastly the most luxurious handmade construction. The making ofan aireloom mattress is a slow procedure and the end results are truly luxurious.

California design

The inspiration for this particular design is mainly drawn from the golden state. The artisans who design the mattress strive to ensure the quality and hence built them with ultimate precision and care. The distinct marking of the California design is the beauty of the make of the mattress which represents the beautiful California terrain.

Patented aireloom lift

This is the classic design for the aireloom mattresses. The design is one of a kind and it is designed such way that the barrier between the comfort layers and the coils are being eliminated. This way you can fully enjoy the feel of the material of the mattress.

Handmade aireloom mattress

As the name suggests these aireloom mattresses are hand crafted by the artisan. Each mattress takes up a long time to be made but the end result is extremely luxurious and beautiful. Superior materials like new Zealand Joma wool is used for making them.

The facts about aireloom mattresses